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Master European Championships 2019 Athletics
Egypt shows
Moonlight Halfmarathon 2018
66th National Bersaglieri Rally
Librobus 2017-2018
Mediterranean Championships U23
Theatrical Season 2017-2018
Bob Dylan in concert
Carnival 2018 in Jesolo
For a handful of notes
The Secret of the old forest
Mamma mia! The musical
Carnival in Venice 2018
Gianni Morandi Tour 2018
Mangia Street Food Festival
Sand Nativity 2017
The beauties of the sea of Jesolo
Nek, Max Pezzali e Renga in concert
Jesolo Christmas Village 2017
Christmas concert
Sea Life
New Year's Day with il Muretto
Gospel from London
The Country of Chocolate
New Year's Eve Concert
Christmas lab
War memories
Biagio Antonacci on tour in Jesolo
Jesolo Spirituals 2017
Jesolo Books 2017 - Gianluigi Paragone
Italian Gymnastics Championship
Remember Caporetto
Events calendar Pista Azzurra
Hunger, anger, women, love
The cheerful comber of the central bar
Autumn Festival 2017
7th prayer meeting
Daytona Beach
Summer in Passarella: football tournament "Rampon Cup"
Motoraid 2017
Adele e Friends - to win together against the SMA
Ligerman Triathlon Festival 2017
Made in Italy tour - Ligabue
Expo Sport 2017: party of sports associations
5° girolaguna 2017
Coro el Piave - Songs from World War One
Cronosquadre 6xAndrea
Regional Championship for Athletics Companies
Orfeo in Italy
16° Grand Prix city of Jesolo
Basketball International Tournament
Jesolo Blues
Concerts of Band Bacco X Bacco
Jazz'n'Blues Review
Majorettes Onda Azzurra Parades
Aurora Wind Band in Concert
Jesolo books 2017
Concerts English Bands
Festival delle Tegnùe: Sea Films Festival
Jesolo Air Show 2017
Fish Festivals 2017
Miss Sole Beauty Contest
Maracanà Brazilian Celebration
Festival Show
Fire Festival
Aquarius Choir
The time Machine
Jesolo DJ Superstar
Cosplay Night in NewJesolandia Jesolo
Prize Concert Sound Waves
Spritz & Flowers
Parade Fanfare Bersaglieri L. Pellas
Parades Majorettes Magic Stars
Random a casual party
VIII Interregional Festival of Bands and Majorettes
Harmony Brass Quartet & Friends
Pucci in Recital
Italian Dance Sport Festival
Minibasket Provincial Festival
Feast of the Patron Saint John in 2017
Historical Parade Veneziano
28th Festival of Swedish bands
Miss Venice Beach
Jesolo Dance Festival
Folklore Festival
Parade and Show Cars Tesla
International Ciak Junior Festival
Kite Festival
Final Join The Game 2017
Figure Skating - Italian Cup ACSI City of Jesolo 2017
Inauguration of sand sculptures
Full Moon DJ Festival 2017
Moonlight Half Marathon 2017
Gasoline Country Beach Festival
Eurosporting 2017 - Jesolo Cup
SBG Run Jesolo
Stage Martial Arts
The Toyland 2017
From Here to There of the Piave - Relay
Bebe Vio meets school kids
Equal in the Wind - Sailing Race
The Chemical Brothers DJ Set
Static display of Classic Bike and Custom
Jesolo Dance Contest
Pasqualandia - Easter markets
Felix Cat Show - 2 ^ Adriatic Cup - Feline Show
Football in Show
8th International Prize for Mattador script
2016-2017 theater season
Teatrando - shows for children and adults
Milan Junior Camp 2016
Tony Sartori Reads Dante
Maritime Festivals
Parade Of The Magic Stars Majorettes
27Th Swedish Bands Festival
Jesolo Dance Festival 2016
Walls Of Art
"Onda Azzurra" Majorettes Parades
"Canta in giro": Singing Competition
English Schools Bands Concerts
7th Interregional Festival Of Bands And Majorettes
Sand Sculpture 2016
Random a Case Festival 2016
Festival Show 2016
Miss Italia Jesolo
Maracanà - Brazilian Fest
"Onde Sonore" Concert
Hot Grills
A Touchdown For Gianca
The Events In The Squares
Tropicarium Park
Le Messi - Zombie Apocalypse 2016
The Messi Inauguration 2016
Le Messi Star Wars Night
Le Messi Alice in Wonderland
Le Messi Fluo Party
Le Messi Grease Luna Park
Le Messi Jack the Ripper
Le Messi Animal Show
Beer Festival 2016
Concert Group Daghe Power
American Cars Show 2016
Exhibition Of Antiques
Festival Of Tegnue
Tony Hadley
Concert Live Music Group 0421
Fire Festival 2016
Rino e Friends
A Sea of car Mito
Le Messi Pac-Man 3D
Full Moon DJ Festival 2016