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sand sculptures
Master European Championships 2019 Athletics
PFM: TVB - The Very Best Tour
The science factory
Jazz 2019
Miss Venice Beach
Campionati italiani
Run Sunrise
Merchant Taylor's School
Fluo Run
Summer Camp
Wales High School - Band Inglese
Barbeque competition
Festival Show
Jesolo Dance Festival
Holi - Colors Festival
Special Live On The Beach
Seafaring parties
Grape festival
Jesolo Air Show
I° Mediofondo Città di Jesolo
Dayatona Beach
Crossfit Race
Shaolin European Championship
Mid-August in Jesolo
Orfeo in Italy 2019
European Tournament - Wheelchair Hockey
Jazz Concert
International Cross Cycle Race
Patron Saint day
Gasoline Sport Stadium
XVII International Festival "Costellation of the sea"
Once upon a time
Ricky Portera in concert
Merchant Taylor’s School
Concert Jesolo Music Camp
Andrea Valeri in concert
Festival Majorettes
Accordi Disaccordi in Concert
Campiello Award
A goal for Gianca
Jesolo Dj Superstar
Miss Sole
Rock 'n' Roll with Bobby Solo
Miss Veneto 2019
BaccoXBacco Cortellazzo
Marco Calliari in concert
National Race Triathlon Sprint
Street Food Craft Brewery - Blond Brothers
Festival of popular traditions and threshing
Terror in Merville
B.Y.C. Band Contest
Poems at dawn
Il Paese dei Balocchi 2019
Miss Jesolo
Jesolo Sun & Swing
Fish and Cheese
Officine Sonore Music Club
Antiques Fair Market
Gasoline Country Beach Festival
Moonlight half marathon
Jesolo BookClubReading group in English 2018
European Masters Championships 2019
Gara Nazionale Triathlon Sprint
Jesolo Dance Contest
Gara Open Konbat - Championship Taekwondo
Angelo Pintus, Destinati All'Estinzione
TheGiornalisti - Love Tour 2019
The Black Blues Brothers
Loredana Bertè libertè tour
The Bible
Parade of Chariots
Voices in the dark
Jesolo Carnival 2019
Carnival by Grifone Park
Sand Nativity 2018
Swan Lake Ballet
Flashdance, the musical
And to think that there was Gaber
Delights to taste
Carnival in Cortellazzo
Grease, the Musical
Sand Nativity concert
Delusionist - No stand Up comedy
Jesolo Christmas Village 2018
We Will Rock You - Rock Opera
European Union, History of a friendship
Silvester in Jesolo 2018
Epiphany and pan and vin
Sea life
Concert of the Epiphany
New Year Hashtag Music festival
Tropicarium Park
Christmas Concert 2018
Gospel voices family
The innkeeper
Agile accomplices
Ballet Sleeping Beauty
Homo Ridens
Hot Italian Swing
A Christmas Carol
Santa Claus Run
Run in Red 2018
Egypt shows
Marco Paolini: The First Number Adventures
Dirty Dancing, the musical
Beppe Grillo, Insomnia
Live music - piazza Marconi
Daiana Orfei show - Piazza Nember
Truccabimbi - piazza Mazzini
Dyana Orfei - piazza Aurora
Sand Raptors
Gioca bimbi - piazza Mazzini
Grape Festival in Jesolo
Markets of Jesolo 2018
Jesolo Market - Piazza Nember
Triathlon Race - Lingerman Festival
6XANDREA 2018 team time trial
world chasmpionship kickboxing
International Nordic Walking Festival
Autumn festival 2018
Daghe Power concert
Majorettes Magic Stars - Marconi - Carducci